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"Leader and followers are both following the invisible leader - the common purpose. The best executives put this common purpose clearly before their group. While leadership depends on depth of conviction and the power coming therefrom there must also be the ability to share that conviction with others, the ability to make purpose articulate. And then that common purpose becomes the leader."

- Mary Parker Follett

About Philotimo

At Philotimo-HR we partner with clients who are looking to reimagine HR. With 25 years of experience, we have observed - and been part of - HR teams that unintentionally fail in the function it is designed to enable.  It’s people.

The HR playbook is outdated. Philotimo-HR celebrates and recognizes people over policies and encourages divergent thinking. We use research and data to cultivate an environment for learning, innovation, and connection. 

Now picture HR with deep roots embedded in an organization.  A team seamlessly connected to understand individual needs, amplify community collaboration, and advocate for an environment to inspire. A proactive approach to build human capabilities for today & tomorrow.  This is what we can bring to your organization.   


What We Do Well

Measure Then Improve Your Culture & HR Practices

This is where the rubber meets the road.  How your systems, processes, and practices are set up have a direct or indirect impact on your team. To support growth we have to be able to let go of traditional processes and look at nimble ways to support and connect our community.

Implement Recruitment & Retainment Strategies That Win

Organizations need to be able to take short-term (recruitment) and long-term (retention) views. Our workplaces have changed significantly in the past 2 years. The fluid situation will continue to evolve. We know more today about what inspires people in the workplace. 

Introduce Development Ideation That Fosters ROI and Internal Success

We cultivate workplaces for health, wellness, and learning. Our approach is to find ways to elevate intrinsic growth pathways. Using research & data to seek successful learning paths for your organization.


What Our Partners Are Saying


Jared Antista, CEO

IOI Ventures

"Danielle has impressed me since day 1. She led the onboarding for me personally at a former employer and we've kept in touch over the years. As an Entrepreneur and now CEO of a 20-person marketing firm, Danielle's advice and guidance have been instrumental in navigating a younger workforce. Culture in a virtual world is challenging as is retention. Her knowledge has helped me lead my team better all while maximizing our delivery.”


Judy Elleson, Executive Director

University of Chicago, Department of Pathology

"Danielle is a cut above the rest. As a department administrator in a multi-faceted academic medical center in the Midwest, I was always looking for a strategic edge in the recruitment of the critical and very competitive positions I was seeking to fill.  Danielle and her team understood my needs and delivered exceptional candidates.  They always worked with us to create solutions to our staffing issues.  She was a great strategic partner with quick response times and transparent communication.  I highly recommend Danielle for anyone seeking a great HR partner to guide their employee and recruitment needs."


Greg Phillips, CEO 

NorthStar Leadership Strategies

"Danielle is a game-changer. At IMG Academy, she helped us navigate the challenges of leading a team of 1000+ employees, skillfully managing traditional HR roles while also focusing on our people as our primary competitive advantage. She led a change to a global recruitment strategy to better represent the community we served, identifying many prospects who continue to thrive there today. She was also passionate and creative in designing successful staff growth and retention strategies. For any organization looking to recruit, retain and develop a talented and fully-engaged team in these times of unprecedented change, I strongly recommend partnering with Danielle."



What can an HR Consultant do for my organization?

Philotimo-HR can help organizations by providing:

A HR Professional to support organizational strategy, leadership, coach, and mentor.  We take a collaborative approach partnering on recruitment, development rewards, wellness, and culture.

Work with the leadership team on organizational alignment to help sustain, scale or grow the company.  

An external resource to collaborate on specific concerns with your organization.  This could include an investigation or building a recruitment process.

After an introductory meeting, we start with a needs assessment.  We engage your team, review data and systems to provide you with an overview and proposal for next steps. 

What does a needs assessment involve?

A needs assessment is a process for determining an organization’s needs. It consists of three main parts:

  1. Initiation
  2. Data Collection & Analysis
  3. Final Production

A needs assessment helps determine organizational gaps that prevent you from reaching your desired goals.  The needs assessment can determine what is going well and what needs to be changed.   We start from the 30,000 foot level and drill down to provide an overview and proposal.   We are your partner throughout the process. FIll out the form below! 

Based on the nature of the work, wouldn’t it be better to do this in-house?

Depending on your organization size, goals, and strategy external HR resources might be in a position to better assist with outcomes.  As an external party, Philotimo-HR can provide you with valuable insights, recommendations and observations that may be harder to suss out internally. 

Inherent in internal work relationships is power.  One person can have a positive or negative impact on your career trajectory, including promotions and compensation decisions.  The result of this is that internal employees may be reluctant to share concerns that may have a real or negative impact on them.

I have an employee relations emergency. Can you help?

Yes!  Navigating employee relations issues is complex.  If you don't have experience navigating a complex employee relations issue, we can help.

How will I be charged for HR Consulting services?

Philotimo-HR customizes consulting services based on your needs.  After the introductory call to discuss your goals, vision or challenges we conduct a needs assessment.  During this time we will interview employees, review available data, and systems.  Once completed we will provide an overview of our insights and a proposal for next steps.  You decide if you want to move forward at that time.  

Depending on the work Philotimo HR will charge hourly rates, project based or on retainer.  

Where are we located?

We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We serve clients in North America and compatible EU countries.

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